Classes Offered

Our commitment to tenant happiness, results, and overall wellbeing lays a foundation for success, engagement, employee satisfaction and retention.

What is included in the wellness program?
GENESIS Wellness offers group fitness classes, one on one goal attainment coaching, massage, guided meditation, health assessments, personal training, personalized nutrition counseling and gym access.

GENESIS has multiple options for company participation, whether every employee purchases their own classes or whether a company chooses to purchase classes at a highly discounted rate. Why offer such an extensive amenity to your employees? Years of research backs evidence that employee wellness directly benefits companies.



The Barre Method/ Pilates


Our newest class offered by demand! We have received many requests to offer a barre and pilates class so adjustments were made and the class will begin the first week of July, 2018!

This class will take you trhough a dynamic and invigorating workout. You’ll start with a warm up and pilates exercises which include free weights, plyometrics and other moves to target muscle and core activation. The ballet barre helps to focus on isometric strength training combined isolated movements.

There will be a cool down at the end of class with a series of flexibility, mobility and recovery exercises.

The barre method accepts all levels of fitness and ability!



Taught by renowned instructor, Victor Valentino, ACE, FSE, Maddog
Join Victor for an hour of an intense, heart pumping, music thumping, community building group ride where you can push yourself as hard as you want or just go along for the fun at your own pace.

Victor’s classes are regularly sold out in other locations, so make sure to reserve a bike early for his class online!



Taught by Elyssa Tommer and Genna Bourgeois

Elyssa is a favorite in La Jolla yoga studios and Genna owns her own studio in downtown La Jolla. We feel blessed to have these powerful women as our official in-house teachers. They incorporates multiple modalities into their yoga classes which are meant for all levels from first timers to veteran yogis. Take an hour out of your day to give back to yourself and create some balance in your busy work schedule.

Outdoor Sports Performance


Taught by Chis Guerrero, Sports Performance Specialist, CSCS, NASM, IOM

Coach Chris has programmed an outdoor group conditioning class focused on reducing body fat% and increasing athletic stamina. Coach Chris trains on the entire athletic spectrum from post-partum moms to professional athletes. Every participant in his class is given options to modify and start at their own pace.

Indoor Circuit Training


Taught by Taylor Teigen, NASM

Taylor Teigen has been teaching group circuit training for years. Participants are guaranteed to learn new ways to train and have an intense workout! Taylor uses a combination of free weights, bodyweight exercises and performance tools to create a diverse class every time! This class is for all levels.






Read about our massage therapist and service by clicking on “our team” and “massage” in the menu.




Genesis is proud to house 10 health coaches that dedicate their lives to helping you reach your wellness and fitness goals. These are veteran coaches with 10+ years each in the fitness industry, all with multiple certifications and specialties. You’re in the best of hands at Genesis where pro athletes, post-partum moms, and the elder population all play an important role in creating our community and inspiring each other.

Go to to learn more about each of our coaches and find one that best suits you!



Offered through Bimala Quintella Cummings

Bimala has been a goals coach for over 10 years. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and has worked with hundreds of executives and professionals to help them achieve their top 10 goals within 12 months. Many of her clients include CEO’s, professional athletes, people undergoing intensive medical treatment, recovering addicts, and people who want more out of life. Sessions include relaxation and guided imagery meditation, goals discussion and working through what is holding you back in life. Clients are astounded at how quickly they reach goals they never thought possible through working with Bimala. Testimonies are posted in our website at



Offered through Kayo Arima, PhD, RD

Dr. Kayo Arima has a deep understanding of how our bodies extract nutrients from food and how these nutrients affect us on a molecular level. She believes in a practical approach to health and nutrition that includes working with clients’ unique lifestyles to meet their individual goals. She is popular in the triathlete community and has become beloved at GENESIS. Everyone enjoys trying her latest scientifically based nutrition supplements and she is well known for getting results.

Current class schedule is posted on the Class Schedule tab. You can click on a specific class and Schedule your spot in advance.

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